Hey guys I was thinking of a new build.I would really like to do a prs or a lp but I don't know how to carve the top.Can anyone tell me a good book to buy or give me some basic instructions and tools that I will need to carve the top.

I have tons of tools.Iam a machinist and welder by trade and have a fully stocked shop with a couple milling machines and lathes and have worked with wood for many years and have tons of tools and my familly owns a tool store so that wont be a problem.

I just don't know if they are all done by hand or if you can use a shaper or router maybe?Also the best tools for the job and the method iether way.

I have been surfing a few forums and UG definately has the most active DIY section and some of the best custom made guitars.Thanks in advance for all the info and feedback.

You could also use a angle grinder with a wood conversion kit (sanding disc) instead of the chisel he uses.

If you need any more help or are confused, etc post in here, or PM me and i'll help you.
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