Long story short, i screwed up my iBanez RGT42DX's bridge,action, and grounding wire so i want to repair all of it in order to sell it since i haven't played guitar in over a year.

The Bridge is screwed up, i might need to replace it, the action is going all over the place, and i need to soder the grounding wire.

Any help?

How is the action all over the place? Are there strings higher then other strings or something? If so which ones?

As for your grounding wire, flip your guitar over and in the tremolo cavity solder the wire onto your trem claw.

Bit hard to see in that pic but it's the wire next to the 3rd spring up or down.
Yeah the thing is, i don't have a soder lol. im probally gonna take it to someplace to fix it up
you can buy solder (correct spelling) for about £2 and a soldering iron for £10. (you need these as part of your toolkit anyway)

or take it to a reputable guitar tech for a setup which if he`s any good includes a electrics check.

soder is a carbonated soft drink......actually thats soda