Hi, I am a vocalist/guitarist and have been influenced by lots of bands
and was wondering if anyone wanted to start something along those lines
Bands like,The devil wears prada,Bring me the horizon, I set my friends on fire,
Underoath,Miss may I, Of mice and men Circa survive, saosin, and many more.
Any music along those genres or sub genres would be fine. please post here and or send me a message.
As long as you have a way to record decent audio that is all thats needed all positions are up for grabs..
i'm so down for this... i sing, scream, play guitar, and have some recording equipment.

let's goooo
dude im down. facedown (records) lol

but for real. this could be good. i can record/mix/master anyhting i need to. my main instrument is guitar, however i can drum a little...
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If you guys need someone to mix/master your tracks for you, let me know. I've been working on gaining experience in the field to help build a portfolio for after college, and I can always use the extra work. This would be a new type of music for me to work with, so it could be very beneficial.

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about to buy some recording software later this week. play guitar: rhythm or lead and can sing and mix. (i can autotune vocals as well, like austin carlile from om&m before when he was with attack attack)

pm me if interested.