So, Ive been recording my guitar directly to my computer through the headphone output jack of my amp, and the quality is less then decent. Its actually pretty bad. So for Christmas I was given a $50 card to GC and went looking for some mixers, and found one. Now im wondering will this mixer make the quality better. Im not talking professional, but like for demos and experimenting and stuff. And what really does the mixer do.
Sorry for this noobish question, but thanks.
Heres the mixer
Mixers usually have pre-amps, which is going to fix the problem you're having.
They also bring in multiple signals and mix them together to be played out of one sound system. Lastly, they offer volume control over all your different parts and give you control over how everything blends together. They are not only highly useful for studio/home recording, but essential for playing live (typically).
I've said this before, but in your situation, you'd be better buying an interface, you want something with better analogue to digital conversion than your sound card and a mixer doesnt offer that here.
mixers are fantastic devices that allow you to condense multiple signals together into a single stereo output. you are recording a single instrument, so a mixer is kinda useless in your situation. a good interface is going to be much more beneficial to your sound than a mixer. it will give you a better way to get your sound from your amp to your computer, resulting in higher quality.