hello all

i think that i have got a bit of a problem with my amp, when my guitar is plugged in the volume keeps on changing, it suddenly gets quieter or makes no sound at all. i have tried a couple of different leads, so its not that. i was wondering if i should take appart the input socket to see if thats all in order just in case, beacause i had thought that there could be a loose connection? any help would be great.

I've had that same problem happen to my Marshall MG250DFX, and I honestly never found a solution. I tried cleaning the sockets, different leads, wiggling the input cord, and went far enough to open the casing and check if anything was blown. Nothing came out of that, and I also checked the grounding and consistency of voltage levels, and those were normal as well.

I simply ended up trading the amp in, because I could never take it to a technician to try to fix it since the sound fluctuations would randomly happen, and because I can't rely on it in any live situation.
Is it tube or solid state?
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