Alright I need some 12 string ideas.

1.) I needa know whats the best brand name for a 12 string that's under 500. (I know im pushing it a bit with this mark, but eh it's all I got)

2.) I needa know what strings are most recommended for a 12 string.

3.) The smaller strings are simply octaves above the larger string, correct?
1. I got my Cort Earth 200-12 for $500 and love it.

2. Try as many as possible then make your own decision. Elixirs are my personal favourite.

3. This is the case for the EAD and G strings. For the B and high e, they are tuned to the same pitch. (Some also tune both G strings to the same pitch)
Ohhhh I getcha.so it goes E E octave. A A octave. D D octave. G G octave (or not) B B. E E.
do i got that right?

Im gonna look that up and see where I can get one. I also found a Martin D12X1 which is a tiny bit out of my range but I think I can make it if i try. What do you guy think?