I'm planning on buying an interface, and I remain undecided on which of these 3 to buy. They cost about the same.

Line6 UX2
E-mu 0404
M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Also, will I be able to hear the guitar with effects applied in the PC thru the interface's headphone jack, or just thru the outs?

Finally, one final question, if you can: What is S/PDIF?
SPDIF allows you to connect another SPDIF compatible interface up to give you an extra two inputs usually.

Those products are much of a likeness. Faced with a choice I'd choose the Fast Track Pro. Why? Because it supports Pro tools M-Powered and Pro Tools pretty much the best sequencer out there.
on musiciansfriend theres a lot of terrible reviews but it seems like the best buy.. these are the interfaces im looking at too
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I was looking at the Fast Track Pro too, but I've ended up getting a Tascam US-144 MkII, since it seems it's the best USB interface on a budget. But I haven't tried it yet, I'll have it next week.
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Get the Fast Track. Don't listen to the reviews, its worth it.

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