i just got my ipod touch and it is the shit!!! but it wont open any apps like google earth or any social apps...and idk y i hav restored it twice and it just wont work!!! does anyone hav any idea y?? or any way to fix it?
Did you try touching it?

More important question:

Do you have wireless internet access where you are?
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haha what they said. Go to settings and then wifi and then turn it on and connect to one.
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1: You may need to update the firmware.
2: Try turning on the wi-fi.
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first off i couldnt down load then without wireless so that was dumb.... seconly it just starts to open then closes the app.... i also hav the latest firmware
Are you... COMPLAINING that to download something from the internet.... you have to be CONNECTED to the internet? Sorry, your sentence structure and grammar is not very, well, good.
its late and im frustrated... but i am confused cause my apps like google earth and stuff like that will not open..
please type so that i can understand.

i haven't gone to sleep yet and it's already 6:05AM here (Christmas break heh heh) but i can still type so that other people can understand me.

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