When i had my Toneport UX1, I could have Fruity Loops, iTunes, Audacity, and youtube open at the same time and hear everything. Not that I need all those open at the same time.

My toneport got fried, so I got a Lexicon Alpha. Now I can only play audio from one source at a time, and it REALLY sucks when I have an amp sim open, and I want to open iTunes to learn a riff. Or I have a DAW open, and I want to watch a youtube video.. I can't turn off my DAW just to do that.

Anyone know how to fix this? I've downloaded the latest ASIO4all drivers and everything.

for example. I have Guitar Rig 4 open. I turn on Audacity for whatever reason. When I hit play, i get "Error while opening sound device, blahblahblah"
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Yeah, a lot of audio setups are bad for this, Pro Tools HD systems can't run ITunes and Pro Tools simultaneously for example, yeah a multi thousand pound system can't do what you're asking here, it's typically do with the drivers.

ASIO4ALL refuses to run thing simultaneously due to driver conflicts, the lexicon might be similar, I would assume its because they're low latency drivers and running more than one thing through them defeats their purpose a bit, but really I know what you're saying, it's a bit of a pain in the arse. I don't think there's much you can do here.
What's funny is the latency is terrible on my new Lexicon compared to the Toneport. I have to give it to Line 6, they made recording a breeze.


Oh, and I was using ASIO4ALL with my Toneport, and didn't have this problem.
Ah, I have the toneport running at between 5-10ms, which is ok I guess, but everythings turned down so its a big CPU strain, Line 6 don't make the most efficient drivers. Running the asio4all I can get it down to 0.2 at its lowest which is much better, but removes the benefit of being able to run multiple sound programs simultaneously.

Interested in how you managed to fry the toneport?
I plugged the output into the front of an amp, haha... I saw a spark, and then it wouldn't work anymore. It was guitar>toneport>guitar rig3 for effects> headphone output to input of amp. I thought it would work.

But as I said, I was using ASIO4ALL with my toneport, and I WAS able to run sound from multiple sources.

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I stand corrected. I was using the Toneport ASIO drivers. I don't why I thought I was using asio4all.

Well, I guess that's my problem. Somehow, I had even less latency with the Toneport drivers than asio4all. I guess I just need to get another Toneport.
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