Hi to everyone, i have got a question! Here's the problem:

I have got those things:
- guitar effects console zoom g9.2tt;
- behringer am100 (acoustic modeller, with 2 outputs: the normal one and another called "dir out"; the first function while the effect is active, and the other when the effect is deactivated. This should be used to use 2 differents amps);
- a random (good and expensive) distortion pedal;
- hiwatt g100 combo amplifier, with 1 guitar input and the send/return holes on the back;
- a new good guitar.

I noticed that using the zoom g9 with my new guitar, the result is really bad, the sound becomes more digital, even without using preamp effects, so i was trying to find a way to avoid it the most possible time and to activate it when it's really necessary to use some delay, chorus and other little effects that i sometimes need.

So, what about this solution:
i use the behringer am100 as first pedal on my chain, connecting from the normal output the zoom g9.2tt and then direct to the "send" (or the "return", wich one should it be?) on the back of the amp, while from the "dir out" i connect the distortion pedal and then to the amp in the front input hole.
So i end up to have a "normal way" to the normal input, on wich i can choose to use clean or the distortion of the pedal, and on the other way i can activate the acoustic effect and the zoom g9 to use some effects in a clean setting (delays,reverbes,autowah,octaver, etc. etc.).

I HAVEN'T TRIED IT OUT YET, because i don't know if it's possibile or i destroy the amp connecting all of those things to it on the "send" and the normal input at the same time!

Can you help me? And if you have got other economic solutions (the problem is that i haven't got money to build an all analogic effect chain) please tell it!!

Thanks again to everyone!!
If you only want the Zoom to go to the poweramp (bypassing the preamp) it should go to the effects loop return. I believe the Direct out on the AM100 is for going straight to a recording interface/mixer/PA.
Try the Zoom in the effects loop, and the AM100 and distortion in front of the amp, dont use the Direct out of the AM100.
you are saying that i can use the zoom without connecting it the guitar?is it possibile?
so i connect the guitar to the front with the other pedals? in this case i don't need the am100, i was only using as a trigger!
You go;
Guitar > AM100 > Distortion pedal > Amp input
Effects send > Zoom > Effects return