Hey Everyone,

A year ago i bought a IBANEZ GIO,
Now, i didn't had any complains about it but reacentley i have read some bad reviews about it.

My question is: is it realy that bad, cause honestley i've been able to play all of the songs i know on it whit the same sound it was recorded (sorry about my english, i'm from Belgium). And just for the record i've bought it for 400 euros

here's how it looks lik http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/shop_image/product/9f3f32cd93e67486d03575cec9025c31.jpg
Its a good starter guitar, but 400 euros is a bit to much for that guitar.
wow 400 euros is very over priced, you`ve had it for a year so you should have your own opinion by now, it`s not going to match anything from the prestige range, but if your happy with it.....
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Its a good starter guitar, but 400 euros is a bit to much for that guitar.

back then i didn't knew anything about elecktrick guitars and i found out a couple of day's ago that they are selling an epiphone for the same price :s
It's (if well constructed) a pretty good basic line from Ibanez, but 400 euros is too much. I bought mine for 125 euros and upgraded it with Grover tuners and a Seymour Duncan SH-4 pickup (both more than the price of the guitar). Mine plays great but the stock pickup and tuners were rubbish, so I changed them.
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The GRG170DX is quite a nice guitar.

The main reasons why the GIO's are (sometimes) getting bad reviews are:

-the hardware is a bit shabby (in my opinion the pickups aren't that good and the tuners are pretty poor).

-they need a good setup; some stores sell them straight out of the box without properly adjusting them.

-inconsistency: as with a lot of budget guitars, lack of proper quality control at the factory means that a disproportionate amount of 'lemons' can slip through the net.

Also, keep in mind GIO is a range, not a model. Guitars like the GAX40 are also part of the GIO range, but in terms of quality they're definitely not as good as the GRG170.

I have a GRG170 and a GSA60 and overall they're both very nice, especially as a first or second guitar.
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The GRG is a great beginners guitar!

Sure, it's not good but in my opinion it's very good in that price range!
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