So would you think it would look good if my Epiphone prophecy had gold pick up covers, covering the Gibson dirty finger pickups?

I thought it would look good, the guitar guy in the shop said no, show off the dirty finger's.
do whatever you want, that guy in the shop probably just didnt want you to ask him to fit them. If somebody's that interested in your pickups that they sit and stare at them, you can tell him/her they're dirty fingers. Personally i think it'll look better with the covers, and anyway you can only see the name on them if you're a meter away or closer, but u'll see a nice pair of cold covers from a distance.
Yeah it might look nice but leaving it as it is would be fine. but I say with that money just use it to have it set up or something.
its sexy like said b4 but if u want covers ur going to need to change the pots i believed they are called.(the black thing around the pups.)
Tough call. I usually like covers but that looks really nice the way it is. I think I'd leave it and show off the DF pups.
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Normally I would cover Gibson pickups but with your guitar it would cover up what really sets out you colors. Your bridge is gold and with covers it would be way too much. Leave them as they are they look great.

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If you're worried about rust/oxidation just swab some mineral oil or wd-40 on them.
hmm, its soo hard, its pure 50/50, its not 49-51 nor 49.8-50.2 its really hard, im gonna photoshop a pic and see if you change ur minds.
As long as you can get covers that match perfectly I'd do it for sure.
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nah I think it'd be too much gold, I think it's fine the way it is.
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