Hey guys ...I´m getting really into funk for the last weeks ... but I only know a bunch of funk bands, for example James Brown or the Meters . Anybody can suggest me some Funk bands . It doestn matter if they are new or old bands .
Thank you
Red Hot Chili Peppers have some funk songs, ie "Hump De Bump" (i think)
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a lot of old RHCP stuff is funky. Blood Sugar Sex Magic, some Mother's Milk... they've got plenty of funk.
Ohio Players.(Listen to Fire and Skin Tight, they're just great.) Also listen to Sunny by Sobby Hebb, truly a chapter in the funk bible. Graham Central Station for some early slap. Anything Bootsy Collins ever did should be considered funk, wether it sounds like it or not.

Buckethead has done some great funk-ish songs as well(Return of Captain eo, Carpal tunnel slug has some funky ideas as well, they might not be archetype funk, but they're great imo). He did an entire an entire funk-oriented album, population override.

There's also this funky shredder called Greg Howe, he's alright.
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LETTUCE! They are one of my favorite funk bands of today. Look for the song 'Blast Off'. I couldn't find it but it's on their myspace. It's my favorite song from them.


i gave them a listen and they arent too bad.
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