I live in Australia and I need to get an amp because my guitar has just arrived.
I have an Ibanez S670FM and I play a range of music including metal, alternative, blues.
My budget is around 500AUD and willing to go about 100$ higher if necessary.
Not looking for an amp too big as I might need to bring it to school (2-3 km walk) but not a tiny practice amp.

Thanks for opinions/recommendations.
It is hard to pick an amp in that price range because I know that almost everything here costs more in Australia. I'd suggest something in the Peavey Vypyr series, but I don't know how much they go for down there.
Good choice of guitar, can't go wrong with an Ibanez. Go for a Vyper they sound good, or check youtube for every amp you can find within your range and see if you like any of them.