Hey UG,

I got a new LTD EC1000 for christmas yesterday and I have a question. Obviously the guitar was set up for standard tuning and I play in Drop B so naturally I had to adjust some things. I put 12-52 gauge strings on, adjusted the action and intonated it. The question I have is I want to know if I've done something wrong b/c before I intonated it the saddles were in that shape that looks like two sets of 3 step stairs, but now they're all over the place in what looks to be an unorganized fasion. The intonation is correct but I wanted to know if I've done something wrong here. My Hellraiser looks the same, do I need to redo them both?

Also, it since upping the gauge should I do a truss rod adjustment? It looks like the higher gauge mixed with the drop tuning has evened itself out and I didn't notice any difference in the bow of the neck last night but I've yet to look at it today since it's been sitting over night.

Thanks in advance
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If you're getting no fret buzz, and no issues with inotation and action is fine, then you shouldn't need a truss rodd adjustment not 100% tho i'm noob.

and i tihnk there's no issue with the the saddles.
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So if i'm correct your guitars sound ok and there seems to be nothing wrong? What exactly is the problem

Just the fact that the saddles are all over the damn place. Any time I've had any of my guitars professionally setup they've been in that stair step pattern so I was trying to figure out if I've done something wrong or if they just do it that way for aesthetic purposes as well as intonating it.