So I had some christmas money and REALLY needed to get a new amp...i had a line 6 spider III 15 watt... and it WAS BADDDD. crunch channel was broken as well.

SO, i ended up finding a NEW FENDER SUPER CHAMP XD for $300 at Long and McQuade... and i loved the tone. I traded in my spider III (they had the spider IV's there too) but they gave me $90 TRADE-IN for it!!!!! awesome deal!

Here are a few pics


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$90 trade in for a used 15W Spider III?!!?! That's $10 short of sale price!!!

btw HNAD!!! Looks pretty sexy with that LP

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you sir, have just won for this statement. =D

Young Knees
Dude great deal you definity won on that one. A sterile modeling amp for a beautiful sounding tube hybrid. You win, my friend. Congrats
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