I've decided I won't listen to any music nor work on any songs on guitar for a whole week.

This is Day 2. I'm going out of my mind.

The reason why I'm doing this is to leave the music settle down in my brain, so I can look my songs from a fresher perspective next week.

But I can't STAND the silence. I'm breaking down.
Am I the only one around here that's addicted?
Feel free to comment, express yourselves and flame violently.
Why not just listen to different genres of music rather than none at all..? I don't think I could go a whole week without listening to any music, im not going to even try.
i went two weeks without my mp3 player during the summer and i was loosing my F***ing mind.
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You guys wouldn't last long on a desert island.

i tend to avoid desert islands for that reason.