Poll: Are you a music/guitar addict?
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**** Yes.
57 77%
**** No.
3 4%
Definetely Maybe.
14 19%
Voters: 74.
I've decided I won't listen to any music nor work on any songs on guitar for a whole week.

This is Day 2. I'm going out of my mind.

The reason why I'm doing this is to leave the music settle down in my brain, so I can look my songs from a fresher perspective next week.

But I can't STAND the silence. I'm breaking down.
Am I the only one around here that's addicted?
Feel free to comment, express yourselves and flame violently.
Yes, but unlike you I don't see it as a problem.

And if I have inspirational problems, I just listen to something else (classical, jazz, electronica).
I'm addicted. Even nao i'm holding my guitar.

Dunno, it's like a drug :S Can't live a day without music.
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    Why on earth would you stop listening to music because you feel you may be 'addicted' to the guitar? Or even stop playing the guitar for that matter. Unless all you do is play the guitar you might want to tone down a bit but if playing the guitar is something you truly enjoy then I don't see why you would deny yourself that source of pleasure.
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    Not really. I can get the same enjoyment out of movies or art as I can from music.
    Yes I'm addicted, But I don't stop playing guitar for a week, If I do that. I'll get even crappier!

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    Guitar and music is probably among the more healthy things to be addicted to.

    But I understand what you're trying to achieve TS, I just don't think you need to go that far.
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    Why is it a problem? Besides how do you not listen to music. Are you just sitting in your room staring at walls. I can't think of a form of entertainment that doesn't have some music, besides reading and going outside, and lets be honest as a pit monkey you don't go outside.
    I only go outside at nights with my friends, or for a minifootball match. It's cold also, so I'm staying indoors.
    I watch some movies, read a book or study for upcoming GCE exams.
    I've read that if (as a songwriter) you leave your songs unattended for a week or music in general and then come back, you'll see things from another perspective and be more creational (if that's a word).

    Not that I have probs, but I wanna try it out.
    Yes. And I love it. NO DETOX.
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