here's 3 tracks from our bands last session. they're kinda rough but these 3 tracks are pretty much solid.
there's a couple of overdubbs(me mainly writing solos).
so plz check out leave you'r comments and we WILL CRIT YOU BACK no bullshit and i keep my word.
peace dudes and hope you all had a great christmas/festive holidaze and a very happy new year to all.
Hey dude. Thanks for your crit of mine - consider it returned

1. Malc - As a song I like it a lot but then I am a metalhead at heart my only criticism would be that the drums sound a bit disconnected from the rest of it at times, like they're not properly worked into the mix if you know what I mean? As a song overall, it's a tight peice of metal. Good job.

2. I'm Gone - I can hear elements of a lot of good metal bands with your own style underneath - always a good thing. The main riff is infectious and really well written. I would say the same thing about the drums as I did in track one and also I think the vocals could do with being turned down just a tad. Otherwise great song.

3. Buffy Song - My least favourite of the 3 but I can't fault you and your band for songwriting ability and effort. The same criticisms as the previous two songs also apply here.

Overall I don't see why your band couldn't go places with a few creases ironed out.
Malc - Was great except for the drums, they seemed a bit weak for the song, everything else was good, the vocals could use some work maybe.

I'm Gone - I didn't like the lyrics they seemed kind of cheesy even for metal band haha. The drums were a little better and the vocals were a lot better.

Buffy Song- IDK what IronMark was talking about this one was probably my favorite the guitar work is excellent and the drums were great, a bit off and dry, but the vocals seemed to work. Awesome solo too.

I would just fix the dryness of your drums, add reverb maybe. I would make the bass a bit louder also.

I pick out little details so don't think I don't like it, it's really great

crit mine please? Prolly not what you like though

Timing was all over the place - lots of speeding up and slowing down, a lot of the riffs were a bit unspired, the production I'm not even going to comment on. Timing issues on the solo as well.

These types of track I usually turn off after about 30 seconds. Sorry, but if you're going to do a job, do it well, this just all feels a bit hashed out quickly.
cheers for the replys guys everything you've said is or has been worked on over our last few seesions. i will admit myself as i've said before these song are rough at there very best. no click tracks and stuff, so yeah i can see where these tracks suck.lol.
i dunno if the drums didn't come across right or not but we should have really checked the levels before we left.