Hey guys! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. So I got a Squire Special Stratocaster (I know not that good but it's excellent for me!) And an amp and other stuff in their strat pack. So now I have the problem of learning to play this beast. My parents are trying to push me away from the lesson route because it's too much money so I have the task of learning by myself. I got a guitar lesson book by hal leonard and it sucked so now I am online learning chords in www.justinguitar.com beginner course. I am thinking of asking for lessons on my birthday. So question:

Do I need to know the notes in first position?
Would hooking up with a teacher later in my learning experience help?
Do you guys like the justinguitar website and feel that it's the right way to learn?

Thanks guys!
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Having a teacher usually boosts your motivation because you achieve the first goals quite fast. However, there is no need of a teacher if you are really motivated and pushing yourself on learning guitar.

Learning notes and theory is IMO (!) not that important in the beginning (!). Later on, it is very useful for understanding WHY you play something and can help you writing your own songs.

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learning with a teacher or by yourself is subjective,
i learned 2 years by myself, and tried a teacher for about 10 lesson until i felt it didn't work for me.
if you know yourself as someone who usually learns stuff on his own then guitar should be the same.
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You'll hear alot of varied oppinions around here... Some swear by taking lessons, some see it as a limitation. In the end it's all up to yourself in my opinion. One thing that is a fact though, is that teaching yourself takes ALOT more self discipline, but if that's no problem for you I can't see why you wouldn't be able to.

I am a self tutored player myself, and I used Justin Guitar for that. It really is an amazing site His beginner course gives you a solid basis and later on you can try find different lessons on different to specialise yourself into a certain direction if you feel the need:p (UG is a nice place for that, all be it focussed mostly on metal... )

One thing I did do and suggest to you though, is after a few months take one or two lessons from a teacher, just to have them evaluate your technique to make sure you didn't learn any bad habbits

If you need any help just let me know It sucks to be a beginner, but once you become better you'll be insperatable from your instrument
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Well, as a parent and a guitar player, I can see it from both sides. As a parent/breadwinner, I don't mind spending $x in one single chunk, but I am extremely leary about agreeing to ongoing commitments of $y/month. Too many y's will eventually result in not being able save enough for college among other things. They do have your back when telling you no about certain things. As a guitarist I'll tell you that a few initial lessons to get you headed in the right direction will be worth their weight in gold.
It may be worth having a discussion with your parents. Let them know that you understand why they'd be relunctant to agree to an ongoing commitment, but ask them if they'd consider one initial chunk of lessons, maybe 4 or 6, to get you headed in the right direction. That way it won't be an ongoing commitment, but in going it alone you'll be doing so with a head start that will set you in the right direction.
Justinguitar is a pretty cool site and I'm learning a lot from it as a beginner, and he does explain in depth for most things such as bad techniques to avoid and such. But if you wanna shred, justinguitar doesn't put much emphasis into speed.