Does anyone has information about Fender frontman 15 G amp (price, sound...) ?
I'm a begginer and I'd like to buy a cheap but good amp. Is this one okay ?
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do not get the frontman!
you may enjoy it at first, but when you compare it to others in its class, you will feel like sh*t.
i used to like its distortion. now i have a vypyr, and i tried playing again on the frontman, but i wasnt capable. it just sounded SO bad!
i would say get the vypyr. the price difference shouldn´t be very big.
The Frontman series is an okay amp, I know I have the 212R 100 watts version. I like it for gigging and I like a very basic sound, bright clean and 70s like overdrive. The main problem with the Frontmans is that the overdrive channel is not what most people like, high treble overdrive. However I use a pedal to get a Marshall sound and it works just fine.

So for a beginner I wouldn't recommend the Frontman because it's just too basic. Beginners really need lots of sounds in an amp to understand different guitar tones.

So I would suggest you get a modeling amp like the Roland Cube or the Vox Valvetronix. I really wouldn't go with the Peavey Vypr because it's quite complex and when I've tired them out the clean tone has not been the best. The Roland Cube will cover any taste from clean sounds to heavy metal territory very well.
So try to find a Mircocube or a Cube 20x
Good Luck

EDIT: Avoid the Cube 15X because it doesn't have COSM amp modeling which is what the amps are famous for. Go for the Micro Cube or the Cube 20X
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Stay away from the frontman. I only have one because I bought a starter pack to make sure I would stick with guitar, I have for 2 years and am now looking to finally upgrade.

The treble on it sounds awful and the distortion is too muzzled. Cleans are alright.
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