I am interested in a Peavey HP signature special but I cannot seem to find many reviews on them below is a picture of the model I am interested in:
Can someone please tell me if this guitar is any good.

It is NOT the American model before anyone comments on that

Thanks in advance.
That doesn't really help sorry I said not the American version and the video's use the American version, the forum doesn't really give reviews either but thanks for trying.
the guitars are only made in the USA and china(designed in usa)

try music radar, i know they`ve reviewed several peavey guitar in the guitarist and total guitar magazine.

goto a peavey dealer and play one.... it`s the cheap chinese model (£271)...wouldn`t bother, it`s going to be marginally better than the generation exp series
dude i own that guitar and its in red,and i really love it,the neck is a little less beefy than a les paul but a little bit bigger than an ibanez,the pickups are ok now i still have them cause they are VERY versatile.you can play ANYHTING!the body feels pretty goos and the hsh configuration is awesome.overall a pretty good guitar and i got mine for $300 so ya.i would totally get another one if i could but maybe with a seymour duncan or maybe dimarzios or something?