Hey, i'm customising a guitar of mine (80's strat copy). I plan on replacing the neck (21 frets) with a 22 fret neck. Would this cause any problems at all?
The neck heel is the standard 2 3/16" btw.

Since its a strat copy, Im assuming it has a pickguard, and the pickguard is probably is right up against where the neck ends. So first you'd have to remove material from that end of the pickguard to allow the neck to extend further onto the body sp there's room for the extra fret.

Then you have to hope the neck pickup route doesnt get in the way, and if it does you'd have to route for it a little further back so theres room for the neck pickup to fit

Its doable, but it's up to you if it's worth the effort
Impossible is Nothing
Thanks for the info...
I'll have another look into it, seems like quite a bit of work for an extra fret.
Again, cheers for the reply
It all depends on the guitar. My MIA fender has a 21 fret Ive put a 22 on it before, without the guard being an issue. Some guitars the neck pocket isnt cut so deep and there will be enough room under that little extra fretboard for the pickguard to slide under. Some there wont.
The guitar is an Epiphone from the mid 80s...Would this be classed as a real strat copy?

Thanks guys, the swap could be back on again!

Ah right, thanks for clearing that up...I might just buy a cheap, used neck to test it out.
Thanks for your help