Hey guys and gals,

Got a Digitech RP150 from my parents as a gift for Christmas. They bought it on a whim not knowing I already have all of the pedals I need. I'm resorting to craigslist because they can't find the receipt.

Brand New, In Box--still wrapped in factory plastics
Digitech Travel Case--Pretty cool little travel case for protection
Power Adapter

I'd like to get the full $100 for it, since it hasn't even been opened I think that's fair. They sell for right around 100+tax and I think the travel case is generally $15 extra.

I'll ship it to wherever.
sorry guys.

I posted this too soon by accident. Tried to go back and wasn't able to.

FOR SALE: Digitech RP150

Brand new

want it gone

$95 shipped
One of my free weekly bumps.

I think $95 shipped is fair.

If you think otherwise please let me know!

Trying to get my hands on a set of Grado SR60i or SR80i headphones. I know some of you audiophiles have to have a new pair laying around. If you do have a pair, lets work out a trade!

If you want pics I'll get some up by the end of the afternoon. I know they help motivate people.