Just a quick question, Im using ableton Live 8 along with addictive drums and I'm importing my midi..When I play the track through AD, it rearranged some of the hihats and crashes, and it doesnt play any of the toms I programmed while using GP5 (they are completely absent actually, I even tried turning on different toms and still nothing)

What Can I do to fix this problem? Any help would be great because I'm trying to get started on some demo tracks, and I would like to have the drums play as I intended them to

Edit: Should I use a different program other than ableton? fruity loops? anything free?
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Stick with ableton, when you have the track selected, go to the bottom and find the piano roll, it'll be at the bottom of the screen somewhere. Then just move the midi notes to the proper drum track so it plays back the way you want. Draw a box around the notes so you can move all the ones for a particular piece at the same time, it'll speed things up.
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