Looking for free keyboard sheet music on the internet but it seems impossible...

So I just got a keyboard for cristmas and I love it! And I got a book that shows me how to play a few songs by the doors but that's about it I wanna find more modern sheet music but it seems pretty much impossible since that gay law was made a few years ago that makes it hard for tab and sheet music sites to stay on the internet cuz of copyright laws... Anywho I'm wondering if you guys know of any sites where I can find free sheet music without having to download anything, particularly one that has music by the beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors and stuff like that?
Yeah, most that you have to download will be a virus
and people consider it illegal getting the actual music sheets and it's so hard trying to find it
i play keys and i still can't find anything. sorry
If you google the song name and the artist you can get some good results. I have not been able to find any sheet music. Also look for midi files. IF you have a program they can be turned into sheet music.
Try and find a midi...import it into power tab or guitar pro and print it out with the notes
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Some of it can be torrented, but your best bet is to buy some song books. Or transcribe by ear, which isn't all that bad and will greatly help you instead of just running crying to the internet for all your musical needs.

Well I'm actually trying to learn by ear too I learned how to play she's like a Rainbow by the stones by doing that But since this is like my second day of owning a keyboard I highly doubt I'm gonna learn how to play "When The Musics over" by ear, I'll eventually get to that point but being a total beginner I wanna find some sheet music it helps my find my way around whatever instrument I'm learning a lot faster