i think they have the perfect flanger sound and i love it so if anyone knows what model of flanger they use on the album the blackening i would greatly appreciate it.
post a clip/song that u want to emulate. i know they use chorus for a lot of stuff, maybe they just intensified it so it sounded like a flanger?
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I know that Phil Demel was in the illustrated rig section of guitar world once. I'll see if I can find some info.

EDIT: Found it!

Something's wrong with the site, so you won't be able to find Phil's name in the "who's using it" list, but it was there in the google search results.
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Quote by nightraven
technically chorus is intensified flanger

TS, post a soundclip of what you're after. i wouldn't trust what dunlop says because people use tons and tons of gear in the studio .. and i'll betcha they'll have used something more 'high end' than dunlop

This is true. In the studio, he has access to all sorts of high end equipment. We will need sound clips.