Well, sort of dance-y. Just messing about with Reason and an 8 track recorder. It's all on reason except the guitars and vocals. Song's on my profile, will c4c.
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Nice cover........it was well done. I think the production side of it could use some work though. I could hear slight clipping as well as some break up of the audio. It sounded like you were pushing the line signal past 0db. The vocals could have been brought out front more.....they seemed to get burried behind the instruments.

Overall.....good work.

I liked it man! Maybe try compressing the vocals some to keep the levels more consistent through, not that they were that wild though. There was a little bit of popping in it but not enough to detract from the song. I'd add a few more layers of instruments to fill it out more but other than that I really liked it. Good job man

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