here i am holding your hand
sitting on the beach
with our toes in the sand
you are my world and everything i hold dear
if only you were actually here

in reality i sit alone in a dark trench
not in some park with you on a bench
now i'm laying here hating myself
with this gun to my head i got off this shelf
but i have no bullets the hammer just clicks

i pull pull pull the trigger more
hoping to finally escape this whor e
but then i re-think my position
and you saved my life and i've made my decision

as i hold your hand my heart skips a beat
i can barely keep myself up on my feet
everytime i look at you it takes my breath
how could i possibly be awaiting the kiss of death?

You've kept the bullets out of my head
and the knife out of my heart
i don't even know the number of tears i've shed
for you my dear, but i'm still alone, i hate this part

i ask you to be with me, be my one and only
come to me, complete me, so i won't be lonely
i really do love you i pray that you feel the same
so please be mine, you'll make me whole and hide my shame

i have no idea wtf to call it its a bitchy emotional poem i know but it fits with one of my songs just lookin for some feedback

i know the one part is confusing too, i had to explain it for ppl b-4
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