What are you looking for in a bass head? If you've got a Traynor DynaBass 800H, then you've already got a great bass amplifier. You would be hard pressed to do better for under a grand.

How much power are you looking for? If you want a boatload of headroom in a first-class amplifier, try Carvin's B1500 Monobloc head. It sounds great, it is built like a tiger tank and it has 1900 watts at 2 ohms (and yes, you can run it at 2 ohms). The Carvin BX1200 is also a great amplifier, and perhaps a bit more versatile because you have more control over the EQ.

Markbass makes the Little Mark Tube 800 head (tube preamp; solid-state power amp) for about US$800.00. SWR makes the WorkingPro 700 for around the same price. T.C. Electronics just released the RH450 and it is supposed to be fantastic. For $1000.00, you have a lot to choose from.

EDIT: I didn't see you had only a Traynor cabinet. My bad. Take a look at the Traynor DynaBass 800H. Very, very nice amp. If I were looking for a new bass head, I'd go with either the Carvin B1500 or the Traynor.
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The Traynor YBA 200 and the Peavey VB-2 are the least expensive tube bass amps you are likely to find, and they are both very good (especially the Traynor). The Peavey VB-2 has been discontinued in favor of the larger VB-3, so you can probably find it at a highly discounted price right now.
Peavey makes a killer head. The Tour series is pretty great. Tour 450 and 700 rock pretty hard.
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