I got a Blackstar Series One 45-watt combo for Christmas and after an hour of playing it cut out. I leave it for 5 minutes, it works fine for another hour and then dies again.

It first happened when it was in a 4-way power supply with my pedalboard (DC Brick-style power supply) and a noise suppressor (Boss power supply) in the effects loop.

The second time it happened, the amp was in it own socket with the effects in a seperate wall socket.

Any ideas what the problem could be?
Quote by SwampAshSpecial
damn - thats a ****ing generous christmas present!
I'd return it and have it replaced tbh - it sounds like it could be pretty serious.

I know. I feel really lucky to have it - my parents seem to have this philosphy of "if you sister has an Apple Mac (£899) then you can have something of the same value."

My reply was "well, to help you out, I'll trade in my (insert list here)"...I got £200 knocked off the full price and it free'd up a lot of room.

I called the store earlier and they suggested I bring it in as soon as possible and they're gonna contact Blackstar on the day they get back into the office (which should be Tuesday).

Such a shame too..for those 2 precious hours it sounded like the ultimate dream amp for me...

Thanks for the advice everyone