I was looking at the first interlude after the first chorus in American man by velvet revolver and it looks like hes using a scale with a diminished 6th and 7th... I can't figure out the scale so does anyone have an idea what it would be? heres the intervals for to make it easier..

1 2 3 4 5 b6 b7 Oct
Its the melodic major. Its the V of the melodic minor. The sixth and seventh are minor, not diminished. Diminished sixths and sevenths would be double flatted.
ehlert99 I just listened to the solo, and I transcribed the interlude up until the faster lick. And the part I transcribed simply used the harmonic minor scale and the blue note. The song is in E minor so degrees of the scale used on this interlude would actually be
1 2 b3 4 4#(blue note) 5 b6 7(raised 7th from the harmonic minor scale).