Hey all. Saved up some money's and im looking to spend some on a my 2nd electric guitar. Been playing a good few years so i've been patient and played my current one enough to know i would like something a bit different! I currently play a Les Paul Epiphone Standard

Im looking for a mid price ranged - say, £500-700 English pounds.

I need a locking trem, floyd rose is best right? So i can play without losing tuning all the time.

24 frets would be nice, but not absolutely essential.

Bearing in mind the epiphone is quite a lot different to ibanez, i dont want to be having to completely change how i play. ie; i mean like neck size, those kinds of things. So not a really thin neck.

EMG's would be mostly suitable i guess. I play with a Vox ad30vt amp, which is a combo amp so they would work quite well i think. But i hear good things about seymour duncans..

Im just looking for a few ideas really.

If anyone has any alternative to Ibanez, id be happy to hear those ideas too. I did look at ESP, but didn't really see anything i fancied on guitarguitar.co.uk.

Thanks all. Any questions about other preferences just ask, im not really fully versed in all that is guitars. I just like to play xD
look at the darkstone series (there`s a new one coming out in 2010)-dn500

and the art series

i think thats the best option considering you don`t want a wizard style neck, however neither of these are trem equipped, the other option would be a js100 which is slightly fatter neck than a wizard and a small radius fingerboard 230mm as opposed to 430mm on the wizard, edge 3 trem, 22 frets.

if you were to go for the wizard neck, then every non prestige and non sig model is available with trem and upto 27 frets on th x series.

you could be looking at a couple of prestige models rg 1550 and 1570 also
i easily switch between the jem and js my lp and acoustics without really noticing the difference, other than scale length
If you want an Ibanez with a good trem, go for an S Series, the ZR trem is way better than the Edge, no knife points.

As for the necks, yeah, all Ibanez necks are pretty thin, but that works for me, since I dont have huge hands.
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Or a Cort like mine inside your budget. Neck is a bit more than the Ibbys usually have, 24 frets on an Ebony fretboard, Mahogant body, decent enough LFR trem and EMGs are the basics. Some nice design touches, not just for show and its a monster for the money. My only concern is using EMGs with a VT series amp, but well worth checking for yourself. Mine sound good through my old Yale.
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Quote by Mitochondria9
As for the necks, yeah, all Ibanez necks are pretty thin

+1, i'd really suggest getting to a store or finding a friend with an ibanez to try one out. i always loved my ibanez guitars until i realized the reason my hands cramped up was from the thin neck, not bad form. i still love ibanez! but i can't play them long due to the pencil thin neck.

EDIT: and check out some old used RG's if you're still looking for a floyd-equipped guitar. ibanez guitars have an edge tremolo. i'd take an edge over any other floating trem any day. absolutely love them. and i'm not sure what your budget comes out to in USD, but you might be able to find a nice used RG570 or RG550 in your price range. definitely worth a look. old RG's are in the same class as new prestige models as far as quality goes. ibanez's made in japan stuff is top of the line.
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