I've been trying to form an alternative metal band for over a year now and I haven't got a bassist and currently have a potential drummmer.

I'm a singer/guitarist aged 23; into CKY (massively), Staind, Alice in Chains, Reuben and Bush.
The drummer is aged 28; into Muse and Staind, and used to be a CKY & Alice in Chains fan.

I am looking for a bassist of similar age into similar music who can learn some possible bass-lines for stuff I've written. I have enough for a decent choice for a 3-track demo.

Some people have described the current sound as "a cross between CKY, Bush and Staind" so if you think that fits you, give the drumless tracks a listen at the MySpace:

If you are interested, leave a response below and e-mail me here: secondsidemade@live.co.uk