So today I bought a new Mesa Single Rec head. That took all the money I have and since I don't have a job it will be a while before I have any again. I couldn't afford a cab, but I have 2 Phonic PA speakers (S710 i think). They are rated at 80 watts RMS and 120 peak. Would it be okay to use these as a guitar cabinet until I can afford a real one? Or will this damage the speakers, amp, or shorten the life of the tubes? The amp is 50 watts.

Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.
i play a Crate PA-6 into a guitar CAb, so i imagine it wouldn't be bad.
Shit sounds good.

And i mean, Speakers are Speakers, so it really can't make much of a difference.
We had a nice little go-round about this very topic a few days ago.

Read through and make your call.