We're looking for a reliable vocalist with a good singing range and voice to play in a cover band. We intend to gig around pubs and clubs in the Tyne & Wear area, and currently have a fair amount of songs rehearsed. We mainly play rock, playing modern rock, hard rock and classic rock, covering bands such as: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Muse, Guns N' Roses, Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple.

For more information please e-mail myself or the bass player, or reply to the thread.

Me: adamdickinson1993@gmail.com
Bass Player: kevincuthbertson@live.co.uk

Please only contact us if you are serious and committed to working in the band, we do not want any time-wasters and we currently have rehearsed a set of 13 songs, with intentions of adding a few more. It should also noted that two of us are 16 and two 17, so ideally we would like to work with a vocalist between the ages of 16 - 20. We currently have a rehearsal space free of charge, but your own transport is needed.