So I've been playing w/ my pitchblack for the past few months, and it's been great. But recently, maybe 1-2 weeks ago, it just stopped working. I thought it might have been the battery, but I tried it with a battery and a wall wart and neither worked. So When I plug a cable in, the red light/signal goes on, but when I press the footswitch, nothing happens. So I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with the footswitch, but I'm not really sure what to do about it. Also, sound passes through it just fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
just buy a new one, they dont look that expensive
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i had something similar with my PB, after a few good mins of messing around i noticed my cables were in the wrong jacks (input was in output and vice versa)

so double check yours
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Quote by rushpython
just buy a new one, they dont look that expensive

£60, thats not bad, but still a heff to replace!

I'd say take it to a techy to have a look at, my bet is its the switch though.

Quote by rushpython
just buy a new one, they dont look that expensive

If I were him I'd much rather not have to pay another $100
Was the power supply you used the correct voltage and polarity?
Try a different battery?
Make sure cables are plugged in properly
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Yeah, i'd really prefer not to drop $100 on a tuner that already has broken on me. Yeah, i checked with a new battery, made sure the adapter was correct (standard boss 9v adapter) and the cables are plugged in correctly. Do you guys know if anyone else has had similar problems or do any sites that would have ways that I can open the pedal and check out the guts of it. I'd actually really like to start to get into DIY repairing, modding, etc. So maybe this is a good launching point.