So, as you might've guessed, I got $100 to spend for Christmas. I've been looking at the EHX Memory Boy for a while now (tried it out in a GC and loved the delay modulation of it and it looks to satisfy my analouge delay needs), and with a 10%-off coupon from those monthly GC ad magazines they send you, I could get that and maybe some picks or a patch cable. However, right now I only have 2 A/C adaptors and 4 cables (2 patch+2 regular) for my 4 pedals (well, 3 if I take the Boss OS-2 or the Digitech Synth Wah out since those aren't used nearly as much as my Boss BF-2 and Digitech Hardwire TL-2; would prefer not to have to, though) and switching out 9-volts again and again is a pain. The 1 spot with the 8 pedal adaptor is only $35 according to guitarcenter.com, so I could get that plus a couple patch cables and maybe some materials to start building an actual pedalboard.

Which route do you think I should take? I loved the Memory Boy and my band's not even close to gigging yet, but I would like to stop the hastle of switching out batteries and pedals over and over again.
I'd get the onespot and a few extra patch cables and save the rest then buy the memory boy later
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I'd buy the Memory Boy since 1) you're not gigging, so F convenience; and 2) it's not all that inconvenient to just switch out pedals.

I've used the One Spot for a long time (2+ years), and while it's cheap it's also CHEAP - gives my whole rig ridiculous hum. I switched it out for a pedal power (obviously way more expensive tho) and the hum's gone. Just my $.02.
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