hey guys
I have allowance for my local guitar shop and they have 2 multi effects pedals which are around my price range.

1) Zoom G7 1ut - http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/zoom-g7.1-ut/68352

2) Line 6 Pod XT live - http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/line6-pod-xt-live/66398

I have heard reviews about both and know i won't be disappointed with either , but obviously i want the best i can get for my price range.
Zoom G7 1ut has a tube and more 'natural' sound , and the pod has the more effects etc. But for a metal player , how many effects am i REALLY going to use i ask myself.
Or so i've heard.
So to cut along story short , which would YOU choose?

Cheers guys!

Merry xmas , hope your all having a blast!
Had my POD almost 4 years now. It fits the bill.
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I've never tried any of those but i would say the POD because it has more like slots to have more of like a "range of pedals"
Sweet cheers guys.
Any more who have tried or who has either pedal that could advise?
Edit: Sorry, my dyslexia kicked in there. the X3 is the dual tone, and the XT is the lower-end version.

I have the X3 Live, but I understand the XT is mostly the same, only you can layer two tones at once, where the X3 you can only setup one.

There was an instructional video on YouTube of a guy with an XT Live that does a great MetallicA replication, and I can't do the same since he uses two different tones together.

However, I can get a really mean sounding distortion out of the X3 for what it's worth.

I don't know what Zoom's online capabilities are, but being able to connect my X3 to my laptop and download effects, tones, etc. is pretty sweet.
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Cheers man
Seems im going to have to go for the Zoom , as guitar shop has run out line 6 while i've been deciding Not expecting any more for ages I would buy online , but i have a part exchange deal with them.

Hope the Zoom G7 1ut is ok