Yeah as it says above check us out id love to hear all your feedback on all 3 tracks !!

Tracks can be found on my UG page or at the following sites !!


The youtube site also LIVE FOOTAGE !! so check that out too !!!

Thanks guys, and i hope you like !!!

ROCK ON !!!!

Chris Stryker (Lead Singer) xx
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hey man, good tunes! its nice stuff
i'd like to see you guys expand a little bit more, see where you guys can go. i see potential in you guys. the songs on the EP are real nice, but you gota switch it up a bit sometimes imo. still very good though, definitely going on my ipod my ecstacy is my favorite of the bunch.
also, giving the Ep away as a free download wins extra bonus points with me, so yeah lol
keep rocking!
where can I download the EP? Awesome songs dude! My Ecstacy is also my favorite of the three, but the other 2 are also kickass
My Ecstacy is good lol but Unbreakable is amazing. You guys have a like...80s metal mixed with modern hard rock to create a really nice combination. Big kudos to singer and guitarist. Roaring riffs and love the vocals. Keep rocking man! You got 5 star rating and subscribtion from me!
I really like your stuff, it's really tight I hope you're well chuffed. Good luck in the future. I'm subscribing on youtube btw
the E.P can be downloaded for free in the link thats in one of the blogs on the myspace page !!!
Thank you for all the awesome feedback guys its great to hear from you !!!
Were hoping that 2010 will be an amazing year for us starting with a gig with Hardcore Superstar in our local rock club !!!

once again thank you for the awesome feedback !!

Chris Styker (Lead Singer) x