Ok, I've got a number of guitars but on 2 of them (my start and my Peerless semi-acoustic) I've got two really quite major problems.

1. My Strat (which has been re-necked once) has lost the intonation at a number of frets. I'm sure it doesn't need a new neck but it might need setting up (or at lest the springs altering). Any suggestions?

2. My Peerless semi-acoustic has a really irritating problem which I can't explain - no matter how loud/quiet I have the volume on my guitar and amp the guitar continuously feeds back. I don't know if its the pickups or the fact that it's left in my loft (in it's casethat has numerous silica gel bags) - although if this was the case, surely the rest of my guitars would be the same?

Sugestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated
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1- take it to a shop and get a setup

2- acoustics feedback quite easily, I have yet to find a good working solution to this other than don't stand in front of your amp
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at a quick guess, id say get the bridge and spring checked on your strat, or look at it yourself if you have an idea what your doing.

your semi acoustic probably feeds back because of the nature of the body, most hollow bodies do unfortunately feed back.

but thats just a quick diagnosis (if i worked in a hospital, id get fired...) of the problems, hope others can elaborate, but i tried
1. set up your guitar. intonate it.

2. semi's can feed back really easily with any amount of gain. turn away from your amp to try and prevent this.
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