Memphis guitars were basically Gibson styled, cheaper Yamaha guitars. Memphis was to Yamaha what squier is to Fender or Epiphone is to Gibson. But in the mid '80s Gibson sued and Yamaha stopped making Memphis guitars. They were very cheap and alot were poorly-made.
"Guitar is tactile, It's about how you play it"
- Joe Bonamassa

Memphis was one of those companies that imported guitars from Japan had their name put on it. They were usually copies of Les Pauls, Vs, Explores and Strats etc. Those are the ones I have seen they could have made others and I am sure they did. They mostly were considered Lawsuit Era guitars which puts them in the 70s. I don't know if they used the name earlier or later or how long they were in production. I have come across them as low as $50.00 and as high as $150.00.

Haha yeah but what is it??? I mean, I knew what Memphis was....but I cant find a model name or anything!