Unless your computer had an audio input, that won't work. Headphone jacks only send audio out. Most likely you will need a USB interface.
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a microphone in on a computer is crappy. You'd need a preamp of some kind otherwise it would be too quiet or otherwise sound bad. Get an audio interface. M-Audio makes some cheap ones that aren't bad.
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Unless your like me and you just want something simple to quickly connect for cheap so you can make acouple quick recordings and such, yes you can easily pick up a mono-stereo adapter at radio shack for like 5 bucks, http://images.esellerpro.com/2242/I/114/43/MONO-STEREO.jpg is what it looks like.
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You should buy an external soundcard like the Creative E-MU 0202 or 0404. They are excellent and the 0202 has both jack and XLR inputs and it doesn't cost too much.
Even if you do have an input plug just do yourself a favor and get a cheap usb interface. I suggest the M-audio fast track series for those on a budget. Went to best buy today and they have them for 99 dollars but on ebay they're 81 dollars. BARGAIN!
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Yes, I have a microphone jack.

Also, I didn't ask for opinions.

You're not going to make friends with that attitude, mister. The adapter you're looking for is a "1/4 to 1/8" adapter. I was using one for a while, but I got myself an M-Audio Fast Track USB and it was loads better.

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