Well the title says it all. I had a kyser quick change capo and I love it and am planning on just getting the exact same one.

But I was just curious if anyone found any other capos besides the kyser that they really liked and would recommend that over the kyser. I love it to death and have never found any others that I liked more but I didn't know if anyone had any good recomendations. If not, then no worries. I'll just stick with the kyser.

I've had it for like 6 or 7 years so I got pretty good use out of it. The metal bar that is attached to the spring that keeps the capo closed broke.

I have used the shubb capos and they are really nice. I only wish I could clip them on the headstock of the guitar when I'm not using them. That's what I usually do with my capo and cut-capo.
Wow, I actually didn't know that it says not to do that.. Oh well. If I put it on the headstock and still get 6 years out of the capo then it's definitely worth it.

And I think they are actually like $15 dollars so it's a pretty good deal.
Your not supposed to leave them on the headstock? I've never heard that one before, but I guess keeping constant tension on the backing plate will weaken it over time, so I can understand that, but who cares, 7 years is a great life out of it.

Mine actually cost $30, they got more expensive. Damn inflation.