I am being offered the amp in the title for USD 700. The guy says the head is in perfect condition, but the cabinet has "some serious road wear" and it has a custom paint job. He says I can come test it out all I want, but before I bother with a long drive, I want to get UG's expert opinion on it.

I was wondering:
1. Is this a good deal?
2. Is the amp good for the type of music I will be using it for?

I play a lot of clean and distorted lead/rhythm for my modern rock-sounding band, but I play a lot of different metal rhythm and leads (think 80's thrash and neoclassical) for fun.

(btw, the guitar I will be playing through this is a BC Rich Warlock with active EMG 81/85 pups)

**EDIT: It's actually USD 700
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I was wondering:
1. Is this a good deal?
2. Is the amp good for the type of music I will be using it for?

1. IMO, No. Everytime I go to Sam Ash Indy or Guitar Center Cinci I see a Mode Four. The Sam Ash was selling it for $450 used and the GC for $500. And also That cab looks ridiculous IMO.
2. I've personally never played one. It is a solid state, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. And as for tone, John 5 (Rob Zombie's guitarist) keeps one as a backup for his JCM 900's on his live rig, if that says anything. Look up some demo videos on YouTube of them and see if you like how they sound.


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The mode 4 cabs are very good.

Don't know about the heads, never used one before.
"custom paint job" lol.

I'd say pass and do some more shopping, $700 is a good amount of cash, you can probably get specifically whatever you're into playing.
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I personally think the heads are god awful. They are solid state, and thus imo sound sterile and cold. they can call it "hybrid" all they want, but in the end those tubes really add nothing. for that price you can get a used JCM900 head, which is WAY better suited, and sounds 10x better
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I've had one for a few years and I like it a lot, but in order to get the best tone out of it, it has to be turned up pretty loud (and it is a 350-watt amplifier, so that means loud). It has very good cleans and it gives a great high-gain sound. To be honest, the head sounds better through a 1960 cabinet than through the Mode Four cabinets. There's a lot of low end in the Marshall Mode Four cabinets that is great for some stuff but not so much for others.

I wouldn't buy that cabinet. You can get a better deal on an unmolested...excuse me, unmodified cabinet. See if you can get the guy to give you a good deal on just the amplifier. I think he's stuck with that cabinet for life.
I never did like how those things sounded. They're loud, which is about all I can say to recommend them.
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the heads ****ing suck. brittle digital sound, don't get it. really terrible sounding amps IMO.
fizzy sounding for sure.
the guys comments above me about turning it up will make no difference, it is a solid state amp. the 350 watts is so it has lots of headroom, so that it WONT get solid state break up. that way you can have your clean channel plenty loud without clipping the diodes.

just dont get it, i guess is what im saying.
plus, your active pups deserve a tube amp to push. not solid state. AND the cab is fugly.
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brittle digital sound


It's an analog amp. It can't sound digital. It can sound like arse, but it will never sound digital.
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not a big fan of the mode 4...but its better than the MG IMO. still kind of a steep price...theres one here in KC on the CL for $600 and it doesn't have the 'custom paint.' I'm a huge EVH fan...and I've done a couple of frankie replicas...but that cab just looks terrible
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I got a JCM 800 halfstack for $800 USD, so I'd say no.
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i had a mode 4 as a loner once... it was a wicked amp, GREAT for metal, i don`t know about anything else though.

if i wasn`t so into tubes i`d seriously look at buying a Mode 4
Play it first, from the replies you've gotten it's one of those; "you either hate it or you love it" things. If you decide you do like it try and beat him down on the price. It's not really worth what he's asking.
I don't mind the Mode 4 tonal wise...though i've never played one thats functioned properly. I'd stay away if I were you and take your cash somewhere else...def. not worth the risk, even if they are fairly neato amps.
I've got the MF400 cab and I love it.
It also looks a lot better than that horrible custom Paint Job.
Pass it and get something else. Seriously, it looks hideous.
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If you want to re-grill and re-tolex a cab, offer him low bucks for that.

Skip on the head. Unless you need more clean headroom than a hair salon.
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