This is a song I've been working on for a while which I feel is close to being ready to go. It has lyrics written and as I'm not a singer at all I'm trying to get around to having someone record the vocals. In the meantime though I thought I would throw it out there to UG for some critique and see if I can get any ideas on how to improve it.

So here it is: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/IronMark666/

The song is entitled "Ballad" for now.

Thanks in advance.
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It could use a little bit more variation, but I suppose vocals would fix that. Toward the end at 3:16 it might be more interesting to have the note begin less prominently (ie:fade in). Other than those suggestions I enjoy it.
Hey man, pretty cool tune. Has potential to add lots of cool stuff over the top, more leads and hamonies and such. Keep it up. You may want to work on the mix a little bit, the instruments seem a little cluttered together.

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I really like the chord progression along with the airy lead especiall around the 2:10 mark. I dont know if i would even add vocals. its such a cool instrumental. i like the end bit where it goes to major again. The quality was pretty good on the track. As I said before i dont know if you even need vocals, but id like to see this mix with some.