I play a mexican strat that has had intonation problems for a little while. I finally got around to adjusting the saddle and now my intonation is fine but my G string buzzes now (open and on each fret). It sounds as though the buzz is coming from the saddle area. If it matters, I had to adjust the saddle back, away from the fretboard quite a bit in order to get the intonation right.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
strum the guitar acoustically.

touch the saddle, dont the buzz stop?

if so, one of the height pegs or the intonation screw isnt secure and it's making a vibrating noise. usually you can stop the noise by adjusting a screw or adding a bit of sponge in there.

if it's buzz caused by low action, then you'll want to raise the saddle.
that's the kind of buzz you get with the string rubs a fret.

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