Hello bass forumer's after saving up my birthday and christmas money i have been thinking about offloading it on a new bass, i play in a hard rock band who are about to start gigging and my influence's range from all types of music from death metal to blues to disco.

The three basses i have been looking at are the ibanez sr505, the warwick corvette standard and the fender reggie hamiltion jazz bass. I was wondering if you guys have any experience with these basses and the pro's and cons of them.

Also if you have any other suggestions i have a budget of around £600, or do you think a upgrade to my amp a ashdown electric blue 180 would be more useful?

Thanks for the help
So wait...you have a Steve Harris P and are looking for something different?

...strange...Anyway I'm always a fan of Ibanez and ESP basses and I'm not sure of the exchange rate anymore but I'm sure for 600 pounds I'm sure you could get at least the SR750 (which I own and highly recommend) or for ESP you could their 400 series (either an F or a B)

Though seeing as you already have a nice bass the logical thing to do is upgrade your amp. My 2 cents