Hey fellas,

I'm looking at the Takamine G340SC and the Epiphone Dove for a first acoustic. I've been playing electric for a few years and I'm really looking forward to a nice warm sounding acoustic. I can't decide between the two. I haven't played either in person yet. I'm going to Guitar Center tomorrow to check them out. Are there any obvious advantages over either of the guitars?

I stand by my takamine. But I dont know the G series.

I also stand by my epi electric but acoustic, takamine is a great brand. Never tried one that disliked (even the cheaper ones). Wasnt the best possible but well worth what u pay for it
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Go for the Takamine fo sho. The Tak is better quality and plays much better. Those cheap Epis feel like toys to me. I'm gonna get a G-series soon for a backup to my Gibson Hummingbird. The difference between the Epi and the Tak is exponential. You might also want to look at Seagull guitars. They make a fine product.
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not in love with lower end taks, but they aren't bad. the epis sound sort of crappy and aren't all that well made - i wouldn't get one myself. definitely check on the seagulls.
I ended up buying the Yamaha FG730S. I really loved the feel of the neck and warm tone. The Takimine wasn't in stock, and the Dove didn't really appeal to me. It didn't sound nearly as good as the Yamaha in my opinion.

Thanks for the help.