anyone have any experience wtih them?
like reliability and quality and that kind of stuff?
they seem to have pretty good prices and stuff, so i was wondering if i could get some feedback from people before i place an order with them.
Stew Mac has been great to me. If they have what you need I would recommend them.
This is what he's talking about

I ordered black humbucker covers from them once, it was the only time I ordered from them. Good company, shipping wasn't too fast but wasn't too long either. I had no problems with them and would order from there again
Impossible is Nothing
thank you for that, time for me isn't much of a problem, but price is, so i wanna make sure i'm not gonna become another GB&C horror story who spent like $200 on parts and got ripped off or get shitty parts.

and sorry for not posting a link before

I just got a bunch of tele parts from there, they were much better than I was expecting them to be. I like them better than guitarfetish for parts.